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High flow

High flow

Venous administration at high flow rates requires puncturing large caliber veins, with a significantly increased risk of Health Care Operator contamination by infected blood.
To solve this problem, Tipromed s.r.l. has developed a venous catheter with safety features and a closed system in size G16 (colour code ISO10555 grey) ensuring a 125ml/minute flow rate, which meets both the need to infuse at high flows and simultaneously provide protection against contamination by contact with blood for Health care Operators.
Based on the recommendations for use and management of central and peripheral venous access issued by the National Health Service, 16 G gauge catheters are particularly suitable for

  • Trauma patients
  • Major surgery
  • Intra and post partum
  • Bleeding
  • Repeated transfusions
  • High volume of liquids

The Tipro-ONE P G16 device can also be used at high pressures up to a maximum of 23 bar or 330p.s.i.

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