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High Pressure

high pressure

Guaranteeing the patient comfort without compromising and instead increasing safety is always a priority for Tipromed; but the procedures and protocols of use for high-pressure injectors represent a major challenge. For this reason we decided to aim high, developing a product certified for use at high pressures, ensuring a seal up to a maximum of 23 bar or
Tipro–One P is therefore suitable for the administration of contrast media by power injectors, which means that performing radiographic exams, CT and MRI scans without having to remove or insert a new catheter in a patient with poor veins heritage is now possible,using The Tipromed Tipro-One P peripheral venous safety catheter with closed system.
The technology offered by a closed system intravenous catheter such as Tipro-One P prevents any leakage of blood from the device during venipuncture, thus avoiding the risk of infection by blood contamination; it also provides access far from the point of insertion, so that it minimises the risk of irritation of the blood vessel due to catheter movement. The presence of a built-in extension line and a one or two-way connector compatible with high-pressure injectors adds additional comfort, safety, convenience and practicality:
Comfort: the Tipro-One P intravenous catheter with closed system allows patients to avoid other venipunctures, not only for receiving fluids and medicines, but also when undergoing CT and MRI scans.
Safety: the certainty of having a pre-assembled device, the components of which are certified for use with injectors, avoids the possibility of error in the preparatory phase in a patient that must undergo analysis by contrast media.
Convenience: mainly in terms of time, since the health care worker does not have to procure a new catheter and extension that is compatible with injectors, but above all does not have to do a new venipuncture, adding additional time to the work of medical staff.
Practicality: the all-in one system characterising the Tipro-One P intravenous device with extension and integrated connector in a small and convenient package for each unit adds undoubted functionality.

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