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Neonatology deparments need to have a peripheral venous safety catheter with closed system in size G26 because they must continually access veins of small caliber. Tipro-One P 26G (colour code ISO10555 purple) is specifically designed to meet that such need, ideal for venipuncture in small and fragile vessels like those of infants.
Besides having a very small outer diameter (0.64 mm), Tipro-One P 26G has a short built-in extension (60 mm), a small quantity of blood is necessary to fill in the device, which is less bulky, too, to better suit the size of the patient.
Given the modest size of the veins and the patient's size, we recommend the Tipro-One P versions with one or two-way connectors, without accessories.
The use of high pressure is also to be avoided, since the 26G gauge does not allow the passage of the flows needed to generate boluses necessary for the use of injectors.

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