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Subcutaneous use


The Tipro-ONE P safety peripheral venous catheter with closed system is certified for subcutaneous administration of drugs in continuous mode, as the device is in class 2b in accordance with Annex IX, rule 7, last paragraph of Dir. 93-42 EEC and its amendment.
Such certification allows the product to be used in various therapies that have recently undergone remarkable development. Among them we mention:
PALLIATIVE CARE: this type of pain therapy is performed in Day Hospital wards, in many cases subcutaneously by administration of painkillers in continuous mode. Specific and documented studies show that the use of the venous catheter with closed system, when used for subcutaneous delivery, can remain in situ much longer than with the butterfly needles traditionally used for this type of therapy. Both the Patient and the Healthcare center providing the service can take advantage of this; the first one because he or she is required to go to the relevant centers much less frequently and is not continuously subjected to needles, the second one thanks to big savings in terms of time.
POST-SURGERY PAIN TREATMENT: the importance of painkillers' effectiveness for the well-being and comfort of surgical patients during the postoperative period is well known. The most used drugs for postoperative pain control are paracetamol, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, weak opioids, strong opioids and local anaesthetics. Such drugs can be administered intravenously, orally or subcutaneously. The latter form of administration is the most ideal one, as it combines a drug's fast action, which is typical of the intravenous mode, with the comfort granted by the freedom of movement, typical of the oral mode.
REHYDRATION: subcutaneous rehydration (hypodermoclysis) is considered for patients with moderate dehydration when the oral route is not tolerated or venous access proves difficult.
DIABETES: if continuous administration of insulin is required, subcutaneous administration is usually chosen, by using specific pumps. Tipro-ONE P is therefore perfectly suitable for use in diabetes.
Before using the device, carefully read the instructions for subcutaneous use and the relative warnings available in the secondary packaging.

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